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Breeds starting with the letter E :

Please note that most of these breeds are NOT Autosexing breeds or used to produce auto sexing breeds and are listed here only for information purposes.

True Names -
Eikenburger kriel zwart
Empordanesa Blanca
Empordanesa Roja
Empordanesa Rossa
Estaires noire
Estaires noire a manteau argenté
Estaires noire a manteau doré
Euskal Oiloa-Beltza
Euskal Oiloa-Gorria
Euskal Oiloa-Lepasoila
Euskal Oiloa-Marraduna
Euskal Oiloa-Zilara
Extremeña Azul

Local Names -
Ecuadorian Chicken
Eikenburger bantam
Estaires Black
Estaires Black Golden-Coated
Estaires Black Silver-Coated

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