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Breeds starting with the letter G :

Please note that most of these breeds are NOT Autosexing breeds or used to produce auto sexing breeds and are listed here only for information purposes.

True Names -
Ga Choi
Ga Dong Tao
Ga Ho
Ga Mia
Ga Ri
Ga Tau Vang
Ga Tre
Gai Chon
Gai Puen Muang
Gaina de portelan-pitica
Gallina criolla o de rancho
Gallina Mallorquina
Gauloise dorée
Géline De Touraine
German Langshan
Git golas de transilvania alb
Git golas de transilvania barat
Git golas de transilvania negru
Git golas de transilvania negru pitica
Git golas de transilvania rosu
Gold Legbar
Gold Link
Golden Essex
Golden Montazah
Groninger Meeuw groot
Groninger Meeuw kriel

Local Names -
Gai bahn
Gallus domesticus
Gerto benna
Gold Columbian Grand Combattant Du Nord
Golden Cuckooo Marans
Golden Grand Combattant Du Nord
Golden-Black Grand Combattant Du Nord
Grand Combattant Du Nord
Green-Legged Partridge
Grey Bresse
Groninger Mew
Groninger Mew bantam

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