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Breeds starting with the letter W :

Please note that most of these breeds are NOT Autosexing breeds or used to produce auto sexing breeds and are listed here only for information purposes.

True Names -
Welsummer Maron
Westfälische Totleger
White Dwarf Strain 53
White Sultan
White Wyandotte
Wiandotte alb pitic
Wiandotte negru pitic
Wyandotte alb
Wyandotte argintiu lacat
Wyandotte argintiu locat pitic
Wyandotte auria lacat
Wyandotte lacat
Wyandotte negru

Local Names -
Welsummer bantam
White Alsacienne
White Bantam
White Birds
White Bresse
White Fléche
White Grand Combattant Du Nord
White Houdan
White Modern Game
White Naked Neck Iraqi
White Native Iraqi
White Orpington
White Rhode Island Red
White Silkie
White Transylvania Naked Neck
White Transylvanian Naked Neck
White Wyandotte Bantam
White-Red Grand Combattant Du Nord
Wuwei Fighting Chicken
Wyandotte Black
Wyandotte Buff Laced
Wyandotte Gold Laced
Wyandotte Silver Laced
Wyandotte Silver Laced Bantam
Wyandotte White

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