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The Wybar :
The Wybar comes in gold and silver although I have never seen a gold I believe they are being created at the moment and they also come in bantam form along with the majority of the auto sexing breeds. This breed is derived from the laced Wyandotte and Barred Plymouth Rock and shares the same characteristics as the ‘mother’ bird along with her rosecomb. They were ‘graded up’ using Light Sussex and Rhode Island Red to give them more utility and egg numbers, which are tinted, used to score over 200 although with so few of them left now this has declined and they could certainly do with a fresh dose of Wyandotte from good utility stock to get their present numbers back up again.

As there are so few of them around it is hard to say whether they will go broody but as they share the same characteristics as the ‘mother’ bird it hopefully means they will and once numbers are up again I hope to try this out for myself. They are friendly birds and do well whether free ranging or in pens and are very pretty with gentle lacing

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